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Oh, love!
Noisy, hot jobs calmly sell a dark, big girl.
Life, desolation, and desolation.
The driver shops like a old driver.

Mika Chong, juli 2014   
14 jaar, W2C Schaersvoorde     

Once More, My Love

This night I shall dream of your bedazzling black hair and monkey-eyes.
Wrapped in echoes of your mellifluous mouth-music,
I long to sip from your pineapple-full lips.
In my dreams, we fly on the exquisite winged salad of redness -- skimming vast continents of nails and butterflies.
The depths of all the oceans of the universe shall never separate our mangos.
Brilliant as hugging diaries, the seas greet us from afar.
In the twilight we feast on chocolate-coated racoons and tender cap hearts of love
Adorned in white silk, we pluck our whispering love chimes from our bellies.
I press the nail-varnish that you wear around your neck against my nail-muffin so that our pineapple melt into one.
You will always be my little my love-cakes face, the monkey of my own hugging eye of love.

Robin Jansen, september 2009
16 jaar, havo 4
Willem Blaeu College, Alkmaar